Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kabobs and Rain

We recently took a trip around the PRT to visit some projects. It was raining, but we were still able to stop and get some kabobs at a local restaurant. They make the best pepper kabobs in the area.

Just remember: Mud and Rain probably don't mix. Good luck guys!

Tony Soprano arrives in Panjshir

Where Tony Soprano can be found after HBO canceled the show: In Panjshir. The PRT team with the Governor, Haji Bahlol.

Myself and Tony Soprano

Flight out of the Valley

All Kitted up!

My Ride!!

Love the smog line

Just like coming over the mountains in the LA

An isolated village up at 8000 feet. Damn cold up there.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Jeremy's coming home!!

And in less than two months!  He got a job with an organization here in D.C., working on their India program.  Metro commuting in respectable clothes will definitely be a change from tromping up mountains in his combat boots, but I think he'll adjust.  We're looking forward to decorating the house and living like a (normal) married couple ...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Trip in the Snow

Recently took a trip to see if I could get to some villages for my projects. Unfortunately, the snow was still too deep for us to get to the cutoff villages. So we visited some other villages, talked and handed how some equipment and supplies to the villagers. It was a great trip and as you can see, the weather was beautiful. But the change is tremedous from the area we visited to some other areas of Panjshir. It's warm enough to see wheat growing in some areas and in others, you still have two feet of snow. Just incredible the diversity of Afghanistan.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Now, I don't know how you spell it, but it's definitely a riot. Picture this: 2 teams (about 15 horses each), cleared snowfield, audience in the action (keep your head on a swivel) and a wrestling match on the field (seriously, with mats even).

So, the rules are pretty simple. A circle on the ground on one end and a flag at the other end.

Your team has to take the headless goat (you heard right) around the flag and drop it in the circle. The other team tries to stop you. You drop the goat or it is stolen from you, the teams start over.

Remember what I said about active participation. It's really more about daring your buddy to see how close you can get to the action.

Look mom, no hands!!

It's a Party

The Soviets left Afghanistan a while ago, but the Afghans still celebrate. And boy do they like to celebrate in style. In Panjshir, we were lucky enough to be invited to attend the celebrations, which included lots of food, 100's of ex-Mujahadien fighers and my first Buzskashi game!!!

So, how do you feed hundreds in the middle of winter in Panjshir? Of course, outside!

Don't they look so happy :)

Men working the Afghan barbeque.

Got to have your nan bread. Reminds me a lot of lavash from Armenia

And the good stuff (green stuff is a type of creamed spinachish-like thing - not too bad).