Monday, February 8, 2010


Just finished taking a break from shoveling us out from the second major snowstorm to hit the East Coast in two months.  We got 24" this time and we aren't done yet.  They are expecting another 2-6" inches on Wednesday.  We had a great time taking walks in the snow and watching it fall.  But I think that Masha had more fun fighting the lines at the supermarkets as people stocked up on soup, water, bread, snacks and anything you would need to weather the end of the world.  Bagels were out at 6 am, soups by 9 am and Twizzlers by noon.  Thankfully, we didn't lose power, though plenty of others did.

Natalya gets her first snow walk.  She hated the wind, but was intrigued by the snowflakes.

Masha loves shoveling for some reason.  Hopefully she'll still like it in Moscow.

Ours is on the left and we were lazy this morning.  Our neighbor on the right had been out and about every several hours to shovel the snow while it was falling. 

Break time.  40 minues and we still haven't found ground.