Thursday, September 24, 2009


Figlet is finally here, and it turns out that he is a she! We were both pretty sure we were having a boy, but earlier this week, I dreamt that I woke up from a nap during labor to discover that I had given birth to a baby girl with dark brown hair. Labor wasn't quite so easy (20 hours of active labor plus back pain due to the fact that Natalya was posterior, meaning that her skull was raking against my vertebra as she made her way down), but she does indeed have the dark hair!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our new master bathroom

We finished the master bathroom remodel about four weeks ago, but have postponed putting up the photos because we couldn't find the "before" pictures that it turns out, we never actually took. So you will just have to imagine the gross "before" bathroom - tiny little shower, dingy white tile, discolored grout, oversized vanity and cruddy light fixtures. And here is the after:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Being Old

Every once in awhile it hits me that I'm old, and only getting older. Like yesterday, Jeremy and I were at Target picking out a brown bathmat for our newly renovated master bathroom. All of a sudden I noticed, at the end of the aisle, a girl I knew from college. We had actually hung out a fair amount for most of my first year. And I could not remember her name. So I walked away without saying hello (after all, if I'd forgotten her name, she might have forgotten me entirely, and that would have been kind of embarrassing), and began to do the math in my head. My first year of college was 13 years ago.

I'm old.