Thursday, April 9, 2009

Big news x 2

Seems we've got two bits of major news to share.

News the first ...

God willing, the traveling Richarts will be blessed with a new addition come late September! I'm about 16 weeks pregnant and finally over much of the morning sickness (all of which Jeremy conveniently missed). The little one currently bears the name "Figlet," though we are pretty sure that will change once he/she becomes an outside baby. At the moment, we believe it's a boy, though we don't plan to find out the gender ahead of time.

News the second ...

Jeremy has accepted an offer to join the Foreign Service. He'll start his training in mid-May and we should be overseas again within about a year. We can't wait to see his bid list; if things haven't changed in the five years since I did my orientation training, he should get it on the first day of class.

Now I just have to wait, somewhat impatiently, for two and a half more weeks until Jeremy comes home.