Sunday, July 29, 2007

Almost over!

The wait, that is. Jeremy relocates to Virginia in less than three weeks! It's hard to believe that our separation will finally be over, for good.

I'm back in Virginia myself, following our trip to Alaska and my visit to Jeremy's family in Nebraska. I started training last Monday at FSI (the Foreign Service Institute). I'm taking management classes and attempting to learn Dari on my own. It's not easy. Take a gander at the alphabet here. I'll be taking a Dari class in October, but, as I'll be joining a class that has already been in session for a month, I am expected to get up to speed on my own. So far it's going, but v e r y s l o w l y.

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  1. Oh, stay here. Afghanistan! Yolki palki. Masha, darling, stay here. Sing with us. Make a life here.


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