Thursday, April 24, 2008

My 100 square foot apartment

Well, I thought that I'd toss in some photos of my temporary living quarters while I'm in Kabul. The "hooch" as it is called, is about 6' x 17', with a shower and toilet. I even have a roommate, an economic advisor from Georgia. We debate NATO expansion and hockey (which I know nothing about, but volleyball apparently doesn't interest him). Needless to say, it's a little tight.

My hooch

The hooch from the other side

My closet. Masha gets the walk-in.

Sorry, babe, no walk-in closet for you. Unless we start hanging your clothes outside.


  1. Good grief! That's far worse than any college freshman housing!

  2. back in the day, we had a quonset smaller than that and two children, too!

    We saved space by having no golf clubs.


  3. I like your closet. I guess you took the GREEN motto seriously. Simplify!!!

    Most of my relatives will not go to the web--including your two siblings. Is there anyway you can send some of this via email?



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