Friday, April 23, 2010

Lamest. Wife. Ever.

Today is Jeremy's birthday.  In years past, I've slaved over German chocolate cakes.  (It's the thought that counts, ok?)  Dinner tonight was BLTs.  They're tasty, yes, but lacking a certain birthday panache.  Dessert was two slices of cake from a bakery around the corner (for Jeremy, not me, as I'm still on a crazy strict elimination diet on account of Natasha's eczema).  And my gift for Jeremy hasn't arrived yet, despite my ordering it two weeks ago.  Poor Jeremy.

In my defense, though, we did enjoy a sushi lunch today.  And Natasha gave him a new shirt and tie for his new job.  And there will be further celebrations this weekend, likely involving homemade sausage lasagna and from-scratch cake.  But still.  Lamest. Wife. Ever.

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  1. Ummm....I really think that you're being too hard on yourself here about this one=). Other things on the mind maybe?!

    Hope packing is going reasonably well.


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