Sunday, May 23, 2010

As promised

A few photos of the weekends excursions to Gorky Park and Red Square.

Most people have to pay to get into Gorky Park, but among those who get in free are veterans, children under 7, orphan children and those serving in Afghanistan (but apparently serving on the American side doesn't count).  Also, apparently, Mount Rushmore is a ride at Gorky Park.  I haven't seen the actual Mount, but it seems to me that the presidents look a bit more pissed off in this version.

There's also a pretty serious log flume ride - tickets are only $8.30 per ride (and that's after the $2.70 charge to get into the park).

When you get sick of the rides, you can take in the view of the river.

Natasha liked it, too.

And then all these women in wedding dresses walked by.

And that was kind of weird, but we were ready to go home, so we walked to the Metro.

Then the next day, we went to the Kremlin.

And we checked out the eternal flame for the unknown soldier.

Apparently, there were military games going on in Red Square.  Complete with rock climbing races (apparently the world cup of climbing is going to be held in Moscow this year).

And mini-football.

And teenagers dancing suggestively in hot pants (doesn't that shimmy say "military games" to you?).

There was also a skate park.

But it was pretty warm and I was wearing a black shirt, so we took the obligatory Red Square photo and headed to find shade and ice cream.

And then Natasha discovered pigeons.  I don't think they liked her too much, though.

And Stalin and Lenin were there, escorted by what I can only guess was Gone With the Wind Barbie, Limited Gold Edition.

And then we went home.  Long day.


  1. What is up with the brides! Hilarious! Sounds like a hypergrocery is insane...maybe some day I will experience one too :)

  2. The teenagers in hotpants made me laugh out loud.


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