Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In the garden - 4 weeks on

We planted most of our crops (we have crops!) four weeks ago.  Everything is coming up, some more nicely than others, and while I can't imagine that we will actually have full-grown lettuces, peas and squash in the backyard, it is fun just watching the little seedlings grow.

As of this morning:

Broccoli, with spinach in the foreground.
Spaghetti squash!  So fun to watch it grow because the leaves are
expanding exponentially.
Cute, cute sugar snap pea shoots.  Something has been chomping on
 some of them, though.
Really slow-growing arugula with more squash in the back.

That's it for the back.  In front I have planted some herbs in among the flowers. 

Cilantro.  The first true leaves have formed and they really taste like
cilantro!  Go figure!
Basil, which is doing really poorly.

In the brown planter, arugula seedlings bought from a neighbor.  In the
yellow, basil seedlings bought at a local nursery.  In the purple, mint
growing from seed. Except it doesn't look like mint to me.  We'll see what
comes out.

Also recently found in our garden:

This is a Levantine viper.  It was in my backyard last weekend.  Not this exact one.  I was too busy being paralyzed with fear to take a photo. My neighbor killed it with a shovel. Wikipedia has since informed me that it is an endangered species.  I should probably feel bad about that, but my kids play in the yard.  So I don't.

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  1. oh my gosh! You had a snake in your backyard!!! AAA!!! i would pee my pants.
    And your garden kind of looks like mine :) I keep looking at it every day wishing it grows faster.


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