Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Winter garden

After the relative success of my summer garden, I had grand notions of a fall/winter garden overflowing with kale and peas.  I planted about 10 weeks ago.  Here's my progress.

Foreground: mesclun mix, arugula, cilantro and mini Romaine.
Middle: snap peas.
Back: I tried to grow beets, kale and green beans ... and
those broccoli plants are left over from the summer.
I actually planted this broccoli back in April - by September it still
hadn't produced a darn thing.  I left a couple plants in just to see what
would happen.  Check it out!  Only took seven months to grow a
golf-ball-sized head.
Kale and beets ... but the kale leaves are only about 1 cm long, and the
beets grew sorry little greens ... and nothing else.

Container kale ... which is doing much better than my garden kale.

Container mesclun mix.

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