Friday, October 12, 2007

We have reservations ...

... for our flight to Kabul. Actually, we have reservations for our flight to Dubai. That's as far as the Carlson Wagonlit office at FSI (Foreign Service Institute) could get us - apparently, you can't get an e-ticket to Kabul. Who knew? We now have to wait for the travel office at Embassy Kabul to book us the rest of the way. But it's real now; we are leaving DC on December 10.

Dari lessons are going well, considering. Jeremy and I are now in different classes, and are learning different vocabulary. Today, for example, Jeremy learned the words for intestines and kidney, whereas I mastered a few key phrases: "I am not a spy;" "Please don't kidnap me," and "Where are the hostages?" Meanwhile, I have yet to master the subjunctive. I only have two more weeks of class, so we'll see how much more I can soak up.

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