Monday, October 20, 2008

Geography is hard!

Jeremy and I are meeting in Italy for our first wedding anniversary next week. This morning, I called the bank to make sure they wouldn't block our cards while we were there ...

Me: Hi. My husband and I are traveling to Italy next week, and I just wanted to make sure you didn't turn off our cards when we start spending money there.
Agent: I'd be happy to help. Can you hold a second?
Me: Sure.

Hold music plays for a minute.

Agent: Is that in France?
Me: Is what in France?
Agent: Italy.
Me: No, um, Italy is a different country.
Agent: Oh, OK. I couldn't remember.


  1. That's awesome! Have fun in, whatever.

  2. Was the agent Sarah Palin? ;)

  3. That is hilarious! I've heard stories like that (Daily Show etc) but have never had it happen to someone I know. So sad.


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