Friday, August 21, 2009

Beach Week

One week is too short. We definitely could have used another week at least at the beach. But the Outer Banks spoils you I guess. This year was especially interesting in that there were hardly any waves for the first half of the week. This allowed Masha to get in the water and play around, which was great for the baby since he seemed to be rocked to sleep by the calm water as he didn't kick Masha much the entire trip (check out the belly - it's huge). As you can see, we lounged in the intertubes, playing Cash Cab as the questioner pulled all the tubes around the ocean. Even got a kayak and practiced riding the waves in (I still feel bad for the idiot who wasn't aware that we were going to run into him. Obviously didn't get the memo about our family). But overall, it was great to get away from the office and just spend time with Masha, Figlet and the Herbst family. Now we are just looking forward to kayaking the lake in Omaha over Christmas!!! Love me some ice and snow!

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