Friday, August 21, 2009

More Beach Week

And then the waves came, and we surfed! Now surfing in the OBX is like downhill skiing in Nebraska. You can do it, you're impressed with yourself, but it's not going to win you any kudos out in the real world. But hey, I'm an expert now, so come to me for tips. Nick and I took a lesson (Tip #1: Buy a DVD and save some money). We had such a good time that we rented boards the next two days to try our hand (Tip #2: Make sure you have waves before you rent a board). Needless to say, we got others in the Herbst clan to overcome their shark fear (Tip #3: Don't watch Shark Week on Discovery before you come to the beach), and try out surfing. After a many falls, wipe outs and chapped nipples (Tip #4: Wear a shirt), we were surfers!

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