Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pregnant, not fat!

So, a few weeks before Natasha was born, Jeremy and I decided to get supplemental life insurance.  Jeremy called USAA and got estimates for our policies, which were subject to change based on the results of our physicals.  I had to do a phone interview during which I divulged my diet and exercise habits, etc.  During the interview, the lady asked my height (5'8") and my weight.  I answered that it was [36 pounds more than usual - don't judge], and added that it was because I was eight months pregnant.  She asked whether I'd had significant weight gain in the last six months - I answered yes, because I was eight months pregnant.  She asked a few more questions related to my weight, and to all of my answers I tacked on the phrase "yes, because I am eight months pregnant."  She didn't seem to get it, but since I knew I would be seeing a nurse in person for my physical, I didn't sweat it too much.  A couple weeks later, the nurse came to the house.  When she took my weight (about 40 pounds more than usual - don't judge), I asked whether she could note next to it that I was eight and a half months pregnant.  She said there was no space for it, but that it was recognized elsewhere in the paperwork. 

Well, when we got our quotes back, mine was substantially higher than the estimate.  Jeremy called in to find out why, and they said it was because I was overweight.  He explained that I had been eight and a half months pregnant during the physical.  They didn't care ... apprently we have to pay the higher premiums for a year, at which time I can get another physical and have the rates adjusted accordingly.


Way to go, USAA!

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