Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wet wool and Kool Aid

Yesterday I dyed some yarn using unsweetened Kool Aid.  I had this idea for a variegated yarn in a combination of deep berry and vibrant purple.  So I went to  Giant to buy some Kool Aid in black cherry and grape flavors.  Only Giant was out of grape.  So I bought some blue raspberry lemonade, and some pink lemonade, then came home and assembled my tools.  (The flowers were from Jeremy for our anniversary).

I mixed my Kool Aid.  On the right is straight black cherry, and on the right is the cloudy purple I got by mixing the black cherry with the blue raspberry lemonade.  Not ideal, but I figured it would work.
Then I put my wool in the pot to soak for half an hour before adding the Kool Aid.  I could tell from the start that I wasn't going to get the saturated color I was looking for, but it was only my first try, and anyway, it would work for its intended purpose: longies for Natalya.

They looked a little like someone vomited up Pepto Bismol while hanging to dry, but I think the colors are prettier in the skein.

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