Thursday, July 8, 2010

You'll catch more flies with honey ...

I was told that I would have a very different experience in Moscow without a pregnant belly or a baby in tow.  Had my first taste this weekend.  We all went grocery shopping together, and on the way home, I stopped into a small store for white vinegar (they only sell the fancy stuff at the larger stores we go to).  I knew this small store carried the vinegar because I've bought it there before.  Jeremy waited outside with Natasha, and I went in alone, pregnant belly masked by a large shopping bag.  My exchange with the shopkeeper (the same one who smilingly sold me the vinegar and cooed at Natasha last time):

Me: I'd like some white vinegar, please.
Her: (scowling) We don't have white vinegar. 
Me: (spotting the vinegar on the shelf) Isn't that it right there?
Her: That's not vinegar.  That's vinegar ESSENCE.
Me: Ok, then, can I please have the vinegar essence?  Also, do you have dishwasher salt?
Her: (continuing to scowl) No.

I scanned the shelves but didn't see the salt.  I'll bet she had it, though.

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  1. Masha, I'm Jen, an old friend of Jerm's. I love following your blog...I have to ask now, why was this woman so rude to you minus the baby or visual of baby #2?


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