Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Have I mentioned it's cold?  Tomorrow the high is supposed to be -2.  Yes, Fahrenheit.  So tomorrow we won't be going out.  I've decided 0 degrees is my cutoff. 

Today, however, it was a balmy 5 degrees.  So we went grocery shopping.  I'm pleased to say I cut our preparation time in half.  I managed to get my own boots on before dressing the girls.  That helped tremendously.  I wore Zoia in the Ergo, but constantly peeked down to make sure she was still breathing - I was worried I'd smother her!  Natasha went into the umbrella stroller with a rain canopy over it to block the wind.  We managed to get through the store without incident.  Somewhere between the store and home, though, Natasha lost a mitten.  I knew I needed to sew them onto a cord and thread them through her parka sleeves, but I was procrastinating.  Mommy fail.  Good thing I have a few back-up pairs.  I can sew them together tomorrow, since it will be too cold to go out.

Also, today I learned that they keep their caviar under lock-and-key.  And that's just your run-of-the-mill red salmon caviar.  They don't sell the pricey stuff at this particular store.  Guess caviar theft is a problem here.

No pictures at this point because wrangling two babies leaves no hands free for a camera.  Maybe this weekend.

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