Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Not so lamblike ...

So, here at Where To Next, winter is still in full force. It snows for at least an hour every day, I didn't think that the "in like a lion, out like a lamb" stuff applied to Russia, but just in case it does, memo to Russia: there are only three days left in March. Lamb it up!

Yesterday we took a walk. We were going to go to the playground. But it was in the low 20s and quite windy, so we ended up just coming home. First, I took a picture of the underpass ramps I am always talking about. I have to navigate these to get most places. As you can see, it's only a very narrow range of strollers whose wheels will fit. And also, the ramps aren't standard. Some only have two "lanes," and some are made of the same stone as the stairs and built in (I like those better, as they are wider and easier to navigate). I've fallen on these ramps a couple times while pushing a stroller. It's a giant pain in the behind.

Looks like Burger King is opening a restaurant on our walking route. Hadn't seen one in Russia before. It's about half a mile from a McDonald's (which, I am proud to say, we have not even walked into yet).

Later in the afternoon, cowed by the cold but determined to make the best of it, I introduced Natasha to a new game. Here she is moving ice cubes from one bowl of water to another using a slotted spoon. This occupied her for 20 solid minutes while I made dinner! I can't take credit - got the idea from a mommy blog. I sewed the apron, too. Pattern is here (scroll down to Little Chef Patterns in the middle of the page) if you are interested.

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