Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ferris wheel

Yesterday we went to the All-Russia Exhibition Center.  It is known more popularly here as VDNKh, its Soviet-era name, which stands for the "Exhibition of National Economic Achievements."  The center houses exhibits year-round.  This weekend, among other things, you could check out an aquarium filled with poisonous Red Sea dwellers, or an exhibit of cats, or live butterflies (I assume the cats were living too, but the sign didn't specify).  The last time we were here was last winter, when we checked out a pre-Easter bazaar of Orthodox gifts.  Our purposes, though, was to ride the Moscow-850, a Ferris wheel built in 1997 in honor of the city's 850th birthday.  It's 73 meters high and can seat 320 people.  Most of the cars are enclosed, which meant that we were able to take the kids on with us.

That's the Central Pavilion, as viewed from the 850.

N had her first candy apple. 

And Z was a fan of the "Friendship of Nations" fountain.

And a good time was had running down hills.

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