Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Atelier Mama, continued

The feverish sewing continues.  This week I have a massive failure and a couple successes to show off.

First, the ruffle-butt failure.  This tutorial has been circulating on Pinterest.  I had pinned it awhile back, but mentally filed it under the category of "things to make when I am better at sewing."  Coming off my recent spree of commercial-pattern success, I felt confident to try it.  Although the tutorial author's version was lovely, I can't help but wonder whether her back bodice was weighed down and stretched out by the very heavy ruffle skirt.  Because that is what happened to mine.  I tried a couple different things to fix it, but none of them would have worked without my opening up the back bodice and having to add a closure of some kind.  And by the time I figured that out, I was fed up, and no longer as enamored of the dress as I had been.  The back sash was unfinished and I was planning to put some cute rosettes there.  But now this dress is in the scraps bin.  I guess failures are normal in sewing.

On a happier note, this is the Junebug dress from Craftiness Is Not Optional.  It is a gift for my niece.  Super, super easy to sew up.  Took no time at all, and I'm so pleased with it.

I made this sweet little shirred top using a really light cotton I found in a fabric store here, and this tutorial.

I went back to the shop today to get the same fabric in yellow and pink, so my daughters and niece can all coordinate this summer.  Also - like how my girls are about the same size?

Two more Oliver + S patterns.  This is the 2+2 top.  I modified it by omitting the sleeves.  I love this fabric and wish I had bought more when it was on sale at

And these are the Puppet Show shorts.  Also love this pattern and see a lot more of these shorts in my girls' future.


  1. Wow, Masha!!! You've got tons of time on your hands apparently :) Or you became a very fast sewist (sewer?). I have a long list of things to make for my girls and no time on my hands. Ugh.

  2. Thanks Dasha. I've been spending every night sewing (and staying up too late). I can't stop!

  3. Beautiful clothes, Masha! I recognize the blue striped shirt from the first outfit, and just because of that, I'm sorry it didn't work out. Love the shorts.

  4. Cute clothes! You are really good!!!

  5. We are headed to Moscow this summer and I also have a little issue with sewing, quilting and knitting. Any tip on what crafty supplies I should bring? Is there any of it to be found there anywhere?

  6. Hi A! In general, you can find just about anything in Moscow, provided you are willing to search and to pay :) There is a chain of needlecraft stores that I recently discovered, and where you can buy all sorts of sewing notions including elastic, buttons, machine needles and thread, as well as yarn and knitting, crochet and cross stitch supplies (website is if you have Russian).

    There is a nice fabric store near the Embassy geared towards linens (both the fabric and the bedding). I haven't found any huge fabric stores with apparel fabric, but is my buddy so I admit I haven't really been looking.

    Yarn is readily available too, but tends to be either a) acrylic, b) very basic wool or c) pretty expensive. If you're coming with the FS, you'll be able to mail order through the pouch and get most of your supplies that way.


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