Friday, March 30, 2012

So what happens when she won't wear it?

That's where we are now.  I am sewing like mad, but N is resisting my efforts to get her to wear what I make.  She only agreed to put on these pants after I told her we wouldn't go to the playroom unless she did.  I know.  I'm mean.

Maybe if I had made them in red or put animal appliques, she would be more amenable.  In any case, I love these pants, which I made of fine-wale corduroy using the After-School Pants pattern from Oliver + S.


  1. Look at you, Masha! You are becoming a sewing maniac :))) Love the pants!
    On the other note - Emma did not want to wear anything I made her either and that's why I lost my mojo for a while. Now Alyssa is excited when I sew for her and asks me to make her things and I am making things for her. So maybe Zoika will love the things you sew :)

  2. OH they look great! I am so impressed. you are totally going to be that mother that sews all her prom dresses, huh?

  3. can you make me adult ones? LOVE

  4. So cute! Love the ruffly pockets/details. :) colleen


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