Sunday, September 15, 2013

A few projects

Sleep-deprivation notwithstanding, I've been sewing.

Top: Japanese pattern.  Oliver+S Puppet Show shorts. 
Set for my new nephew. 
Top: Japanese pattern. O+S Puppet Show shorts. 
Knit swing top tutorial from here.
More knit swing tops.
Nursing cover, knit blanket and baby hat for a pregnant friend.
Set for my niece: O+S Puppet Show shorts and Lazy Days
skirt; self-drafted top.
Simplicity 5136 made as pjs for a grumpy,
teething baby.
A mermaid tail.

A "first day of school dress" made using the Oliver+S
Ice Cream Dress pattern that, alas, is much too big.
Oliver+S Family Reunion dress.
Baby hat.
Another O+S Family Reunion dress, with added collar.
O+S Bucket Hat.


  1. Wow, you've made a ton!!! Love all the dresses! I keep wanting to make more dresses for my girls but then see that it takes more and more fabric and give up. :)

  2. Hi: I came to your blog through the Oliver+S blog about your little dress. I read through your entries and just thought I would let you know that I grew up overseas, moving all the time, learning to say "good-bye" a lot, and so forth. I adapted as a child, maybe a little better than some of my siblings, but as an adult I cannot thank my parents enough for my heritage and upbringing overseas. All of us kids dealt differently with the challenges, but we all agree that ours was a rich childhood (and I don't mean materially :0)). As an adult I spent a lot of years travelling with my husband and three small kids, all under 4 at the time, one of them 2 months old. We were missionaries, not diplomats, but still travelling and adjusting, saying "hello" and "good-bye" more times than is normal. :0) Although they missed out on some "North American" things growing up, the Lord more than made up for it in other ways that will shape their entire lives. Anyway, just thought I'd encourage you a little; I can't say what your kids will eventually think of it all, but in my experience there is no substitute for not only letting kids "see" the world, but letting them experience other peoples. They will grow up seeing them as people, real people, and their heritage will be rich. Have a great day; I hope you get to enjoy more sewing. Your work is lovely!

  3. Masha! You are super talented! Your three kiddos look adorable!

  4. OMG Masha!!!!!!!!!! I love the outfits! You are amazing!! How big are your kids these days. Lord. I owe you an email. xo


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