Sunday, October 6, 2013

The great birthday triathlon

We are two events into the great birthday triathlon.  The girls' birthdays are less than three weeks apart, and this year we had a joint friend birthday party in between.  Natasha celebrated her 4th birthday while her Nana and Pop were visiting, and then she also had a celebration at preschool.  Yesterday we had the girls' big princess party, and Zoia's 3rd birthday is next week.  I have made (and eaten) a lot of cake.  I was down 28 pounds since Gabriel's birth as of last week, but I am afraid to get on the scale this week ...
Princesses Cinderella and Tiana in the party room.
Their dresses were their birthday gifts sewn by Mama.
We made the dresses this summer as a craft, then used
them as party decor.
Rice Krispy Treat wands.  Each kid got one and then we
played a freeze dance game to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo.
The girls' castle cake.  Homemade marshmallow fondant.  I
dyed it with India Tree natural food colors, berry juices and
cocoa powder.  The turrets are made of rice krispy treats and
ice cream cones.  Cupcake topiaries are gluten-free for our
gf guests.  Princesses are made of fondant.
Vanilla cake dyed with berry juices, and vanilla buttercream.
The fierce dragon who ravaged the castle and stole the treasure.
Somehow he looks more Angry Bird than dragon.
The kids still enjoyed hurling fireballs at his head to slay him
and reclaim  the treasure (gummi bears and bejeweled rings).
Cake time!
Zoia was so excited to blow out the candles.
Preparing to decapitate a princess.                          
Immediately after cake, Z retired to the armchair with her
favorite book and stayed there for the rest of the party.
Me and my girls.  You can't see so well, but I was the
fairy godmother, complete with wings and a wand.


  1. Oh wow! The party looks amazing! I am too lazy to throw parties for my girls and feel guilty when I see amazing parties like yours :) Too much work!

  2. You are SO creative, Masha! I can't wait for you to be back and sprinkle some of your fairy crafting dust on me!!

  3. Oh please - you guys are two of the most creative and crafty people I know :)


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