Sunday, March 4, 2007

Bridal Brunch

Mimosas, pasta salad, silly games and heart-shaped paper ... must be a bridal shower!

Carina threw me a very fun bridal brunch today. A bunch of my American and Armenian friends came, and they all wrote marital advice, ranging from the unprintable to truly sage wisdom, on little pink, heart-shaped pieces of paper. We played games where we unscrambled words related to matrimony (which I was terrible at) and then a game where we wrote down a bunch of famous people's better halves (which Liz and I won). Then Carina pulled out a questionnaire she had had Jeremy answer. She read us the questions and then three answers, one of which was Jeremy's, and we had to guess. He told everyone that the first time we met I was wearing a leather mini skirt, Ugg boots and a tight turquoise turtleneck sweater that matched my eyeshadow. Honey, that was the SECOND time we met. Sheesh. Get it straight!

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