Monday, March 12, 2007

Can't get enough of Armenia (or Masha)

Well, I just can't seem to escape Armenia. I just got tickets to head back to Armenia in 4 weeks. I'll be over there for 2 weeks. You know, just got to fill up the passport. But it's really a chance for me to be humiliated with how much Armenian I've lost. Masha gets the pleasurable experience of ridiculing me in public and correcting my unpronounceable Armenian. She started last trip when we went and saw my host family. Wasn't pretty. This trip will won't be much prettier. Have to break out my old sign-language techniques from early language training.

But really, it's kind of a mini-birthday present to me (from Masha) and a way to feed my need to see her. I know that I'll be spending the next 50+ years of my life with her, but it feels too long since I last saw her (I know that it was only January, but hey cut me some slack) ;)

It'll be a fun two weeks. I'll be working on my thesis paper for grad school, so I don't know how much fun that part will be. But hopefully I'll get out and maybe see my host family or head down to Vayk. Definitely see some old friends (one who has a new baby) and just check out this year's new crop of Armenian hooch. Anybody know how the mulberry harvest is supposed to be? You know, priorities!!!!! ;)

Speaking of priorities, true to a woman who is getting married, she is already scouting out friends' homes where she can store her wedding dress away from my prying eyes. Too bad I can't just search her pockets like she did while searching for the engagement ring.

Well, I'm sure that we'll post some pictures while I'm there, so check it out. Hopefully the weather will be nice and we'll be able to get out and enjoy the evenings (and spy on the couples in Make Out Park).

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