Wednesday, June 6, 2007

80% Done

Well, I'm almost done with this whole graduate school thing. I gave my capstone presentation last week to a class of community development students. It involved a 20 minute ice breaker (called Jet Fighter), a 30 minute presentation and then 15 minutes of Q&A. I was required to give this presentation in order to complete the first half of my final graduation requirement. The other part is to turn in a capstone paper.

What is a capstone? It's sort of like a thesis, but instead of dealing exclusively with theory, it's a reflection of my recent year-long internship. I took the opportunity to address an issue that I felt Mikva was beginning to realize existed but hadn't quite started to fully address. My capstone dealt with Mikva Challenge's need to create a long-term evaluation framework in order to judge its impact and certify that it was meeting its mission statement.

Well, now that the presentation part is done, I now have to turn in the paper. And now that I'm not working, that should happen anyday. Or maybe next week. Sometime anyway. No, seriously, it's 80% done according to my advisor. Just need to retool some paragraphs and update some things. So, here's to the final 20%!!!! Wish me luck.

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  1. Good Luck Jeremy! It was nice seeing you.


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