Saturday, June 9, 2007

A whole new world

I am blogging from the new departure terminal at Zvartnots Airport in Yerevan, Armenia, via the terminal's FREE wi-fi connection. This is big news. The terminal only opened a few days ago. It's brand spankin' new, doesn't smell like smoke, isn't freezing cold, and there are even chairs with foot-rests. And this happens just before I leave.

The other thing that happened, happened yesterday. I drove home, and noticed that they were paving the alley that leads to my (former) apartment building. Unfortunately, I do not have photos of the new paved road. I only have a photo of the alley as it was two years ago when I moved in.

It has changed quite a bit. There are new buildings on either side, and it is usually full of cars. That will probably not change now that it's nice and smooth. As irritating as it is that they chose the day before I left the country to finally civilize the road, I take solace in the fact that it will be potholed in a matter of weeks, if not days.

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