Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Underage drinking

I renewed my Alaska driver's license today and discovered that my old license has actually been suspended since 2005. Reason: underage drinking in Homer, AK. Problem: I have not been underage since 1999, and I have never been to Homer. It is all resolved now, and I have a new license, and Jeremy and I are departing Juneau on the ferry to Kodiak Island in a couple of hours. We'll write a lot more once we get to Nebraska on July 3 and have regular access to a computer. We've seen a bear, a few porcupines and seals, and lots of my old friends. And eaten a lot of fish. It's been great.


  1. Being too old is no excuse for underage drinking. They should take your new license away until you learn your lesson. Drunky.

  2. I missed you guys!! Did you make it into Anchorage? Just returned from a trip to Las Vegas...
    Hope you had a wonderful trip and the weather in Kodiak cooperated. Tatiana


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