Friday, August 24, 2007

Jeremy is here!

Blogging has been sporadic on my end lately because being in the States hasn't seemed all that exciting (or at least, not really in keeping with the theme of the blog). But I realize that blogs in general aren't supposed to be exciting, and that the only people who read this are people who already know us, or so I assume.

Anyway, here's the update: Jeremy has been in Virginia for a week and a half now, and we're getting used to being in the same city (or the same state, country, hemisphere, whatever). That's going pretty well. We went down to the Outer Banks to hang out with my family (they're on a few weeks' vacation down there, but I couldn't get any time off from training to do more than a weekend) last weekend, and are going again tomorrow after I get out of class on Friday, and then again over Labor Day weekend. I love the Outer Banks (my family has been going there for like 20 years), and I think Jeremy is starting to love it, too.

In other news, I recently found out that I made tenure. In the Foreign Service, tenure means that you have been found to have what it takes to have a successful career. State gives you five years to make tenure, and if you don't, you get kicked out. I don't have any statistics, but I don't think the getting kicked out part happens that often.

And finally, Jeremy and ordered our wedding rings earlier this week. I came home from class all in a tizzy that we hadn't made any wedding decisions in the recent past, and so we headed out to the mall and figured out what we wanted (plain white-gold bands). Then we ordered them online (much cheaper). They should arrive next week. I'm excited!

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