Saturday, August 11, 2007

What was I thinking

to go and run a triathalon at 9 AM on a Saturday??? Granted, it was a sprint and I split it with my dad, but man, I'm so out of shape. But hey, at least I'm doing something more than just playing golf and reading. See, I'm getting out and doing something productive with my time ;)

Our neighborhood association holds an annual triathalon as part of their annual August neighborhood community celebration week. So, after learning that we won the 4th of July regatta and for a little male family bonding, we decided to enter and see how we'd do.

Dad did the swim (back and forth across the lake, about 300 meters) and I did the bike (2 miles) and the run (1.1 miles). Thank goodness for a little AC/DC, Outkast, Poison, Jackson 5, Rage Against the Machine and Def Leppard on the iPod because I was so out of it after the bike that I didn't know how fast I could run.

But, amazingly, we won!!!! A total time of a little over 17 minutes isn't going to scare anyone serious about triathalons, but it was enough to capture us the trophy. Too bad I won't be back next year to defend the trophy, but maybe my brother will be around to grab the torch and run with it.

And with this victory, that makes the Richart household the recent badasses of stupid human pet tricks in the neighborhood!!

So, here are a couple of pictures. I'll put up a picture with the engraving on the trophy when I get it.

The Richart team: Fred and Jeremy

The finish line and cheering crowd

In the iPod zone:

Wearing the yellow jersey at the end of the race!

The winning team:

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