Friday, December 14, 2007

Dry mouth and jet lag

It's 5 a.m. Kabul time, and I have been awake for about 40 minutes now. Jeremy is sleeping away blissfully in the bedroom, completely unfairly, I might add. It is so dry here that, even with the humidifier going, I woke up twice in the middle of the night with dry mouth on the order of a very big night out.

Our first impressions: the compound is dusty, and smaller than I'd expected (we arrived at around 1 p.m., and by the time we'd had dinner, we'd randomly run into all three of the people we already knew here). Our apartment is very nice, with large windows and built-in Armed Forces Network, and larger than the shoebox we lived in in Arlington. We'll post pictures after we get our tree up today. There are three apartment buildings on the compound, and everyone else (about half the staff, I'm told) lives in converted shipping containers, or "hooches," as they are known.

At first glance, the cafeteria food appears not to be opposed to weight loss if you are careful. I had some really good spinach and potato curry for dinner.

A yellowish haze hangs over us, the byproduct, we are told, of thousands of burning tires. I am already noticing that when I blow my nose, the results are a darker color than normal.

More to come.

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