Friday, December 21, 2007

Get to go to the Doctor

Well, the compound here is nice and cozy, but everyone gets a little claustrophobic, even with the biggest of compounds. So, after 96 hours here, I decided that I needed to go and get my finger checked out. Masha had been nagging to get it looked at, but come on, it's just a jammed finger from my last basketball game in DC. Thank you Justin, by the way.

The doctor here thought I should go get it x-rayed, as it was still swollen 2 weeks after the incident. Hey, anything to get off compound. Masha was jeaaaaaaaaaaaaalous!

So, I got permission to go off compound and head into Kabul to go to the German medical facility here. Below are a couple of pictures from the ride into town. Sorry they are blurry, but I couldn't ask the driver to stop and let me get out. Those are the rules.

Oh, and the two x-rays were $12 total. Eat that, managed care!

A little bumper to bumper with three lanes on a one lane road never hurt anyone:

Apparently it's a big emergency when no one has weapons. Seriously, can't be without your AK-47.

I did want to stop by and grab dinner, but no dice.

Maybe this would be a better place. Maybe for our anniversary.

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