Thursday, December 27, 2007

Knitting love

So, it turns out that having little with which to occupy oneself contributes to an increase in the frequency of blogging. I didn't think I had all that much of a life in D.C., but it turns out that I was wrong. Interestingly, having fewer outlets through which to occupy one's time (going shopping, going to church, cooking meals, commuting) also appears to translate to a general preoccupation with the minutiae of life that would otherwise remain unremarked-upon. Like the washers and the stoves, and so on.

I have reacted to this abundance of free time by breaking out the knitting again. I've also begun reading knitting blogs, of which there many, and which I find very addicting. I do not plan to turn this into a knitting blog (though if Jeremy doesn't start holding up his end of the computer, I may decide I have the license to do it), but I will devote the occasional post to this, one of my favorite pastimes.

So here's my recent progress. I finally knitted a replacement beanie for Josh (his was stolen back in March). I don't know whether he reads this blog; I guess I will find out because I am posting a picture of the new beanie below. Don't worry Josh, the colors are not nearly as bright as they appear in this photo. They are very muted and manly, I swear. Hope it fits!

I had wanted to start making a sweater; however, I do not have enough of any one yarn to pull that off at the moment, and as I have never made a sweater before, I didn't want to worry about any colorwork. But rather than jumping online and buying new yarn, I decided I needed to engage in a bit of "stashbusting," as they say in the knitting blogosphere. This is why:

So ... after I finish my current, secret project, I'll have to find lots of little projects to whittle down my stash, especially those in the bottom right photo, which include all the leftovers from previous projects. Requests will be entertained.


  1. Oh my! I understand the stashbusting thing.... I have an amazing amount of unused yarn... it's a problem... maybe there is a program I could do... yarn buying anonymous???? Having just basic knitting skills... I am wondering...just how many scarves can one person use??? I am at 9 right now. But doggone it! I WILL use my stash!!!!!
    You have some very pretty stuff! Can't wait to see what you create.
    Happy New Year!

  2. I SO think you should turn it into a knitting blog! We need more FS knitting blogs - really!

    Hope your enjoying life in the land of the big PX.


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