Monday, September 8, 2008

Jeremy's vacation

Jeremy heads back to Afghanistan today after a whirlwind vacation back to the States, with stops in Waterloo, NE; Auburn, NE; Washington; and the Outer Banks. Here's the photo book version.

We caught a concert in Auburn with Jeremy's folks:

And then after a great weekend in NE, Jessica and Jeremy's mom dropped us off at the airport.

Back in D.C., we went to the Spy Museum, but first we ate some environmentally friendly tacos. (Jeremy was a little more thrilled than I by this prospect).

Then we drove to the Outer Banks to spend our first week in our new timeshare.

Breakfast with a view every morning:

Much to Jeremy's chagrin (and, let's be honest, much to my surprise), I schooled him in a game of miniature golf.

We spent much time on the beach; Jeremy in his Indiana Jones hat (at least it kept him from getting lobster-red like last year).

We also enjoyed a fancy dinner out (mmm, oysters!) with a great sunset view over the sound.

Tropical Storm Hanna kicked us out a day early, but we walked down to the beach in the morning to watch a renegade kite boarder brave the rough surf.

Back at the ranch in Virginia, we took one of my favorite pictures of us so far.

The end.

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