Friday, July 25, 2008

New Family Heirloom - I hope

So, I finally bought a carpet last weekend. While we were here last winter, Masha and I (more me than her) were eyeing this one carpet, but I never pulled the trigger. Ever since then, we've had a deal that I could buy another carpet of my choosing. I've been looking, but hadn't found anything I really, really liked until this past weekend. Hope you like it honey.
So, here it is ... drumroll, please...

TA DA!!!! It's 2x3 meters, silk and I love it. The design is a copy from a northern Afghan neighbor. So, while not a traditional Afghan design, I bought here. That's close enough for me. Thoughts? We can put it in front of the yarn wall my wife wants me to build her for her expanding collection.

Now, these next two designs are ones that I love, but right now they are out of our price range. They are both cashmere and demonstrate the four seasons. They tend be larger (these are 2.5x3.5 to 3x4 meters) and more difficult to find. But I showed the pictures to a local rug seller up here and he is going to go and see what the cost would be on the local market (rather than down in Kabul or at the embassy - hello, inflated prices and captive audience). Look honey, they have animals on them, so you have to say yes. :)


  1. I like it, honey - good job!

  2. So which wall will you hang it on?


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