Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fun with Frappes

So, if you keep up with the all the mundane happenings here at Where to Next?, you'll know that Jeremy and I had a difference of opinion about the Magic Bullet on garage sale day.  I won, and we kept it.  I think Jeremy was pretty happy about that this morning when I sent him off to work with a mocha frappe in a lidded plastic cup.

Gotta say, this thing is so convenient.  I have been making frappes every morning this week, something I would never do if all we had was a plain old blender (I've since given that thing away).  With the Magic Bullet, the part that contains the blade is easily removable, and you can even put it in the dishwasher.  I usually just wash by hand because it's so easy to clean.  You can screw on individual plastic mugs, so there's no pouring and just one container to clean.  I'm not a shill for the company, but for making morning frappes or smoothies, this is a great product.

I start by putting sugar (or Splenda) in the mug.  About 1.5 tsps.  If I'm doing a mocha, I'll add cocoa powder here.  You can also just use chocolate syrup and skip the sugar, but this works too.

Then I add very strong coffee.  I broke the French press the other day so this is blech-y instant (though it's not as evident when I frappify it).

Then some ice and milk.

I screw the blade on.

Fit it into the Bullet.

Press down to activate the motor.

And about 20 seconds later, I have frothy, milky, caffeinated goodness.  What a way to start a morning!

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