Saturday, June 25, 2011

Step into my craft room

Actually, don't.  It's such a mess that Irina is itching to get in there and clean it, but I have a bunch of gifts yet to finish before the craft room becomes the guest room for our visitors next month!  Here is what I finished this week.

First, a birthday present for M, who is turning one year.  I made some play food out of fleece and a little drawstring bag to keep it in.  I guess people usually use felt, but fleece is what I had on hand.  This was really fun and easy, which is good because I'm planning to make a whole grocery store full of food for the girls for Christmas this year.

This is another fitted cloth diaper.  This time I used a bought pattern, and it was definitely worth the money.  It fits the girls much better than my previous attempts.

And finally, a skirted wool soaker.  I don't know that is was worth the effort.   It's super-cute, but takes twice as much yarn as a plain soaker.  Also, we spend a lot of time outdoors these days and hand-wash-only-wool is not practical for outdoor play.


  1. You are very gifted in the craft department! All your projects look awesome!

  2. that skirt (so impressed by people with knitting skills!) and the food is adorable...

  3. Great job on the diaper! Mine never looked that good. Cute soaker too. I agree with Heather, knitting skills always impress me. And that play food is simply adorable. You are awesome!


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