Thursday, August 25, 2011

Come on babies, take a ride with me

We recently acquired a much-coveted parking spot on the compound.  Before, our car was in the parking lot adjacent to the compound, with access through a narrow turnstile.  Because it is physically impossible to get through that turnstile with two babies and a stroller, I had never driven alone with the kids.  Until yesterday.  I needed a homeopathic remedy, and the pharmacy is a little too far for an afternoon walk - about three miles each way.  Metro would have required switching lines (which usually entails at least two flights of stairs - also tough with two babies and a stroller), and the trolley didn't occur to me.  So we got into the car.

Shortly after these photos were taken, Z began to cry.

We found a parking space ...

... and walked to the pharmacy.  N is getting better at holding onto the stroller and walking with me, which is nice.

Zoia stopped crying once I put her in the stroller.

We purchased what we had come for, and stopped at a fruit stand to pick up some grapes, plums and apples, which Natasha promptly started to eat.  Then we got back in the car.  It was about 4 p.m. and the traffic was so bad that you don't have to worry about what I was doing taking the following photos while driving.  I had the car in park for most of the time (remember, three miles).

Shortly after Z finished her plum, she started to cry.  And continued to cry for 45 minutes more, until we arrived at home.  Kid doesn't like her car seat.  Thank goodness we never drive anywhere!

And shortly after I took this photo, N vomited fruit chunks all over herself.  All.over.  I opted not to take a photo of THAT.

And P.S. - Britax, seriously, hand-wash only?  Y'all be trippin'.  I put that sucker in the washing machine on the gentle cycle and hung it to dry.  No problem.

(Henceforth, we will resume our usual methods of transport - ambulation and the occasional trolley ride.)

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