Monday, August 1, 2011

Sushi and cream

Muscovites love sushi.  There are Japanese restaurants on every corner, but you can find sushi on menus at coffee shops and sidewalk cafes, too.  Last week we had lunch at a real Russian stolovaya (cafeteria).  And even there, they had sushi.  And wasn't bad, except that every roll had cream cheese in it.  Blech.  Raw fish and cream cheese don't mix well, in my book.  I've never been to Japan, but I think the Japanese probably agree with me.  Russians do love their dairy ...

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  1. That's neat. For some reason, I wouldn't expect Russians to be sushi-crazy, which really has no basis in anything. And I completely agree about the sushi and cream cheese combo. Absolutely blech. I think the Russians must get that from Americanized sushi. Double blech.


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