Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer in a can

A new soft drink recently popped up in the snack kiosks around Moscow.  I first noticed it while dying of thirst during a long walk on a humid morning.  Cracking open the can, I thought it would probably be overly carbonated and sweet like many of the other local beverages.  I was wrong.  Meet Laimon Fresh.

It's a lemon, lime and mint soda that isn't too sweet and actually tastes like lemon, lime and mint.  Kind of like a nonalcoholic mojito.  Also, since we are in Russia, the land of bootlegs, it seems that there is an imposter on the market, as well.  The makers of Laimon Fresh issued a warning on their web site, and seem to be very concerned that someone might mistake the counterfeit soda for the real thing. 

As summer is ending here (you can be sure I'll be complaining about that in a day or two, once I've amassed some photographic evidence), I'm happy to know that I can keep a can of it in my fridge for emergencies.

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