Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Date night

We had one Monday night.  We don't do it nearly often enough, mostly because 1) I'm always exhausted, 2) I have guilt about calling our nanny to watch the kids at night (I know, I'm weird), and while I would not feel guilty asking a teenager to stay up late watching my kids, 3) I'm just not at the point where I am comfortable leaving them with a teenager.  I know, we all babysat tiny kids at the age of 13 and 14 and what have you.  I will be honest - I was a good babysitter, but I still look back at those mothers who hired me and wonder what on earth they were thinking.  Yeah, I'm that mom.

Anyway.  Monday night a friend played at a local blues club, and we went to see him.  First we went out for Thai food.  They were out of the berry juice I wanted, and when the waitress proposed "Thai coconut" in its place, I said "ok," without asking for details.  You know, like price.  Twelve dollars later, I had this:

Coconut water.  In a coconut.  In Moscow.  In February.  It was good, but not $12 good.  Oh well.

Then we went to the bar.  It was fun. We need to do this more often. 

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