Friday, February 24, 2012

Oliver + S: My new love

I am late to the party here.  I just discovered Oliver + S sewing patterns for little kids.  I ordered one of their digital pattern packages, the Sailboat Top, Skirt and Pants, last week.  I have now completed two tops (one sleeveless), pants and a skirt for Natasha. Since she is so skinny, both the pants and skirt are falling off her, but that just gives me an excuse to sew another of each.  I also now have four more Oliver + S patterns on the way, in addition to like 15 yards of fabric.  How much children's clothes can I sew before having to pack up the sewing machine and fly it to Georgia?  Lent is coming up next week for us, and with the TV silent in the evenings, I imagine I'll be spending more time in the craft room.  Stay tuned ...

The halter top was made using another pattern.


  1. Masha, great job! Loved the fabric on the Sailboat shirt - so cheerful and ready for spring! :) It makes me want to make stuff for my kiddos... if only i could take my butt off the couch... i'd better knit for now :)


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