Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First day of school, sort of

So Natasha will be turning 4 this year, and has yet to attend any sort of school.  Initially, I was pretty opposed to any sort of preschool.  Then I started to think that a 4-hours-a-day-2-days-a-week sort of a set up would be pretty nice.  When we arrived in Georgia I was dismayed to find that such an option didn't exist.  Not only that, but it seems that the overwhelming majority of expat 3-year-olds (and quite a few 2-year-olds as well) go to preschool.  So our first few months here were pretty lonely until we found the stragglers whose parents were still keeping them home.

Finally it became clear to me that, due to the environment we are in and my daughter's very social nature, it was time to send her to school.  We settled on a Russian-language school a distance away, and took her there yesterday for the first time.  She loves it.  She's going part-time for the next week and a half before they close for the summer.

So here's my big little girl on her first kind-of-but-not-really day of school.

Her little sister is having some trouble with it.  Z yelled "Ever!"* repeatedly at N at the breakfast table on Monday morning.  But having N gone for a few hours a day has given Z and G time to bond.  They play and she "reads" to him.  It is very cute.

Time is just flying.

*"Ever" is the girls' new "curse" word.  They learned it from Tangled, the scene in which Gothel tells Rapunzel, "You are never leaving this tower!  EVER!"  And now when they are angry, they yell "EVER!" at each other.  I feel as though I should reprimand them when they do it, since the intention is so bad.  But it is just so funny I can't help but laugh.

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  1. Ha! The Ever thing cracked me up! And Yay for N's starting school! It helps a lot. You'll suddenly start having more free time by not doing so much cooking, cleaning, etc.
    Now when school is over for my kids I feel like a cleaning/cooking/yelling machine. Ugh.


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