Monday, June 3, 2013

New summer dresses

Over the last week I managed to sew two new dresses for the girls.  Each picked fabric out of my stash; I chose the sewing pattern.  I'm quite pleased with the results, though very sad that we are reaching the top of the size range of my first crop of Oliver and S patterns!  Soon it will be time to buy the next size up.

This is the Seashore Sundress.  It is made of a light cotton shirting with textured stripes and metallic silver threads running through it.  I made a size 4 but had to take in 2" around the chest so that it would fit my skinny minnie properly.

This is the Bubble Dress.  The fabric is from Joann!  I love it and I really enjoyed sewing the dress.  This pattern only goes to a size 5 so I plan to make several more for the girls before they outgrow it.  Zoia's is a size 3 with a little length added to the skirt.

And of course, I have to give a big thanks to my wonderful husband for giving me the time necessary to sew these.  I'm lucky.


  1. Beautiful dresses and beautiful girls! I am still waiting on my sewing mojo to come back and morning/all day sickness to go away.
    Also, Natasha and Zoika look so grown up it's crazy! And I Zoika's hair is so long and so light! For some reason I envisioned her with darker hair :)

    Oh, and i am jealous of girls' tan :)

  2. Such lovely dresses! What lucky little girls!


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