Wednesday, June 19, 2013

There's still some stuff growing

The weather got hot and my arugula and cilantro went to seed, the spinach following soon after.  My lettuces are beginning to wilt and wither, and my broccoli seems to have stopped growing (and the leaves are turning purple - anyone know what that is about?)

But I got a lovely surprise on Monday afternoon.  My spaghetti squash is blooming!  There are lots of blossoms, but only one female (which are the kind that turn into actual squash).  Here she is (sorry about the blur, I'm still figuring out the manual setting on my camera):

These blossoms need to be pollinated with pollen from the male blossoms.  I haven't seen any bees flying around the garden, so I decided to try hand-pollinating using directions I found online.

Also, we've been eating a very sparse crop of sugar snap peas for a few days now.  I will plant more in the fall, and next spring I'll plant earlier, which I think will help.

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  1. I need to take a pic of my garden too. The variety f it is sad, but at least we have peas too. :) And my yellow squash is dying for some reason... slow and rotting death. :)


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