Monday, February 10, 2014

Eczema update

I have been meaning to post an update about her eczema following our trip to Nunisi.  Around Thanksgiving, just shy of three months after our trip, Natasha ran a low-grade fever for about five straight days.  After the fever abated, her skin cleared up.  Completely.  Not a trace of eczema remained.  She didn't scratch at all.  It was incredible. And it coincided almost exactly with what the other patients/clients had told me - that we would see significant improvement within about three months of the treatment.  I am sure that my daily prayers during that three-month period didn't hurt either.  And I don't know whether the fever had anything to do with it, but Jeremy and I had the same thought, that it was related.

The eczema stayed away for six whole weeks before coming back just slightly.  She still has it, but it is nowhere near as bad as it was before we went to Nunisi.  We were already planning to return this summer before we head home, but now we may stay longer.  Honestly, it was hard on me to be so isolated and alone with all three kids last time, but now that I have seen change, I am more motivated to go for a week.  But since Nunisi only opens in June, and we are leaving in early July, going there means we won't get to do some of the other Georgia travel we had hoped to fit in before the end of our tour.  Some regions of the country are only accessible in summer and we had planned a road trip in June.  But this is more important.

Sadly, Gabriel seems to have developed some eczema too, in an odd spot - all over his back.  Last time they told me he was too young to take the waters, but I'm hoping that this time they'll allow it.

I really hope this does the trick for us.  One other reason I am really scared to go home is that Natasha's eczema flares up every time we go back to DC.  It doesn't happen if we fly into Nebraska first, or to the Outer Banks.  But without fail, within 24 hours of a return to Washington, she always breaks out.  It has happened enough times now that we see a causative effect.

Now that we know about Nunisi, though, I suppose we could return to Georgia in future summers just to go there.  It shouldn't surprise me that we ended up here, as many tears as I have shed praying for relief for Natasha.  But it is remarkable all the same.

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  1. I am so glad that N's eczema got better! I hope it goes away completely along with G's eczema after you visit that place for the second time!


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