Friday, February 21, 2014


Natasha and I went to see the Nutcracker last weekend.  Mid-February does seem a little late for this particular ballet, but that is when it was playing in Tbilisi, and I really wanted to take the girls.  We ended up giving away two of our tickets because poor Z came down with the pox, so it was a mommy-and-me night for me and my oldest.

She sat on my lap during the ballet because, although tall for a 4-year-old, she is still too short to see while seated in those comfy blue chairs.

She was enraptured for the entire first act and a good chunk of the second.  The show was more or less what I expected, having seen this ballet a few times.  The production did put a national twist on it by clothing the Coffee dancers in traditional clothing and having them do Georgian-style dancing.

Around the Sugar Plum Fairy's third entrance, N decided enough was enough, and we went home.  I didn't really blame her - I always felt like the Sugar Plum Fairy's repeat appearances were actually the most boring part of the whole ballet.  I much prefer all the dancers before her, especially the Tea dancers and the Trepak dancers.

This was Natasha's favorite part:

And N doing some reenactment on the way to the car.

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