Sunday, March 2, 2014


Last weekend we went out to eat with some friends.  There is a restaurant very close to our house that we drive by every day but have never gone into.  It is along a major highway with a parking lot under a crumbling bridge - I guess I figured that it wouldn't be a very good restaurant because it is in such a strange location.  As it turns out, the food is Georgian, with the standard preparations that don't vary that much from establishment to establishment.

Like many of those other places, this place had a rustic decor and live music.  What set it apart, though, is that the live music started earlier than 9 p.m. We went at 5:30 and the music began shortly thereafter.  The patrons at the table next to ours were already knee-deep into a bottle of vodka when we arrived, and were happy to dance with the girls.

Yes, we let the girls dance with strangers.  We were all right there, and this is Georgia.  Everyone loves kids (in the good way, not the gross way) and the perv ratio is smaller here than in the U.S.

I actually have a theory on this.  I don't think the human impulse is different here.  But I do think that things like horrible crimes against children are the "luxury" of a comfortable society.  Here, your average Georgian has to spend a lot more time worrying about finding work, or affording the next meal, or heating their home (if they are lucky enough for that).  That kind of life just doesn't leave a lot of time or energy for pervy indulgence.

The band played local instruments and sang the wonderful harmonies Georgian music is known for.  The band members were in their early 20s at the oldest but had I just heard their voices on a recording I would have assumed they were middle-aged.  The singing was excellent.

Drumming on the floor to provide accompaniment to Z's moves.

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  1. This is totally awesome! I love people like that! and your girls are so great to join those dancing guys :) I think mine would just be too shy.


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