Monday, March 10, 2014

End of tour: The state of the pantry

With less than four months to go until we head home, I've been taking stock of what remains of our consumables and trying to use up what's left.  As always, there are things that we didn't bring enough of, and things of which we brought way too much.  So I find myself having conversations like this with our kids:

Sorry, no more hot fudge sauce.  Why don't you top your ice cream with some yummy homemade sweet chili sauce instead?

We're out of ketchup, but this Trader Joe's Yellow Curry Sauce will be delicious on your fries!

As our whole wheat rotini stash dwindles, I find myself thinking of creative ways to use up rice vermicelli (a little of that stuff goes a long way and I have LOTS).  I also have, like, a case of rice vinegar and about three cases of light coconut milk.  We could eat curried rice noodles every day for the next two months.  We've been making smoothies just about every day using frozen fruit and coconut milk so I think we will be able to use that up.  But five bags of shredded coconut?  I guess I should start making macaroons (not to be confused with macarons, which I should also get cracking on,  to use up all the almond meal in my freezer).

62 cans of coconut milk
18 cans of refried black beans
13 bottles of rice vinegar
12 boxes of quinoa
11 packages of rice noodles
10 jars of almond butter
7 bottles each of TJ red and yellow curry sauces
6 jars of coconut oil
6 pounds of sushi rice
5 packages of shredded coconut
5 pounds of brown rice rotini
5 bottles of vanilla extract
4 bottles of Trader Joe's goddess dressing
4 bottles of maple syrup
4 pounds of almond meal
3 bottles of tamari
3 pounds of whole wheat rotini
2 pounds of red lentils
2 liters of fish sauce (why I thought I needed to buy that stuff in liters escapes me at the moment).
2 5-lb sacks of whole wheat flour

And a partridge in a pear tree.

Quinoa burgers, anyone?

What's left on your pantry shelves at the end of a consumables tour?


  1. You can always sell what you aren't able to use up to neighbors in a few months.....

  2. 62 cans of coconut milk? Is that a typo : ) Wow, that's a lt of smoothies!! Enjoy your last months!

    1. Nope, not a typo. We started with 144 cans. We like our coconut milk :)


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